pioneering family-based care

Currently, there is no fostering service in our area of Brazil, not even the necessary legislation.

Our long term aim is to be able to close our care homes, not because there aren’t any more children needing to be brought into care, but that this demand is being met by a quality fostering service providing excellent family-based care to children who need it. We are currently working in partnership with the local government and judicial services to bring about the laws needed to provide such a service.

We are also engaging with the local church about how the issues of adoption and fostering strike at the heart of our faith; of how God has adopted us into his family. There are many children in our care homes, and in others, who are in desperate need of a forever family.

The Why and How of Fostering

Take a look at the proposal for a foster care service

We believe that God “places the lonely in families…” (Psalm 68) – not in institutions.
The family is the best place for a child to be brought up and the source of the love and support that the child needs.

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