ReVive was founded by Church Mission Society (CMS) Mission Partners Andy and Rose Roberts who have being working in Olinda, Brazil, since 2008. ReVive works with girls who have suffered from abuse or exploitation and have had to leave their families. They live at the ReVive house where our team helps them restore their lives after the traumas of the past and renew their hope for a better future.

ReVive has charitable status in the UK and is a non-profit in both Brazil and the USA.

Take a look at this video to find out more about ReVive’s work (make sure you watch it in HD!)…

ReVive works closely with the local Brazilian authorities in three main areas:

1. The ReVive House

We run a safe house which is home to a maximum of 12 girls at any one time. If a girl is being abused or exploited then it is vital that they are taken out of that environment. The ReVive house provides a safe place for the girl to live and a chance to get back into education, receive the necessary help she needs, learn new things and begin to restore her life and renew her hope for the future. Our first house is in the city of Olinda PE and we have plans to open more.

Girls expressing their freedom through dance in ReVive’s new dance studio

2. Street Work

Each week we have a team who goes to the street late at night to take food, coffee and clothes to the homeless. We’re always on the look out for children who are living on the streets with the hope that we might be able to help them.

Take a look at this video about ReVive’s Street Work:


3. Family Work

A girl cannot stay in a safe house forever – she needs a long term home for the future. Our Psychologist and Social Worker work closely with the families, investigating why the girl was found in that particular situation, helping the family receive the practical help that they need and finding a new home for the child. In some cases, substitute families will need to be found where the girl cannot return to her biological family.