We’re extremely fortunate to have such a great local team in Brazil who are backed up by Brazilian and UK Trustee Boards and faithful supporters from around the world. Read on to find out a bit more of some of the team…

Founding International Directors Andy and Rose Roberts (with Sofia and Júlia!) 

Andy and Rose (pictured here on a visit to the UK) are CMS Mission Partners. Andy first met Rose on a trip to Brazil in 2004 on his gap year and, after completing a Biomedical Science degree at Newcastle University, he returned to Brazil in 2008 to continue working with abused and exploited children. He and Rose were married in York UK in 2009 and now have two children, Sofia and Júlia.

Since 2004 they have been involved in a street boys project and it was through this work that they first came across girls in similar situations. It was then that they discovered that there were no girls projects in the city and so, in 2012, stepped back from their work with the boys to concentrate on founding ReVive and pioneering a new work for young abused and exploited girls. They founded the UK charity and the Brazilian NGO and are based in Brazil leading and overseeing this work.


UK Trustee Board                                                                                                               Brazilian Trustee Board







ReVive is supported by two boards of trustees; one in the UK to oversee the running of the UK charity and one in Brazil to run the local NGO which works with the girls. We’re thankful to have experienced and wise counsel from members of these two boards.

1077204_10151738027559593_696546772_oReVive Brazil NGO Coordinator Elise Canuto (with her husband, Felipe!)

Elise is Brazilian and is from the city of Olinda PE. She coordinates the work of ReVive in Brazil especially the ReVive safe house. Along with Andy and Rose she manages the rest of the ReVive team (around 14 of them!) and coordinates their work with the girls and their families.

Along with ReVive’s Psychologist and Social Worker she works closely with the local social services and Judge and is regularly attending hearings and legal meetings about the girls and their situations.

She is also a fluent English speaker after spending a few years working in the USA.


The Rest of the ReVive Family

As you can perhaps imagine, staffing a house 24/7 requires quite a large team including Educators, a Psychologist, Social Worker, Cook, Caretaker and Night Watchmen! All of our staff are from the local area and are legally employed by the Brazilian NGO. We also have a few local volunteers who come to the house a few times a week to run activities with the girls or who form our street team. We also receive frequent foreign volunteers (mainly from the UK) who come to spend a few months helping out along with short term teams.