We’re extremely fortunate to have such a great local team in Brazil who are backed up by Brazilian and UK Trustee Boards and faithful supporters from around the world. Read on to find out a bit more of some of the team…

Founding International Directors Andy and Rose Roberts (with Sofia and Júlia!) 

Andy and Rose (pictured here on a visit to the UK) are CMS Mission Partners. Andy first met Rose on a trip to Brazil in 2004 on his gap year and, after completing a Biomedical Science degree at Newcastle University, he returned to Brazil in 2008 to continue working with abused and exploited children. He and Rose were married in York UK in 2009 and now have two children, Sofia and Júlia.

Since 2004 they have been involved in a street boys project and it was through this work that they first came across girls in similar situations. It was then that they discovered that there were no girls projects in the city and so, in 2012, stepped back from their work with the boys to concentrate on founding ReVive and pioneering a new work for young abused and exploited children. They founded the UK charity and the Brazilian NGO and are based in Brazil leading and overseeing this work.


UK Trustee Board                                                                                                               Brazilian Trustee Board







ReVive is supported by two boards of trustees; one in the UK to oversee the running of the UK charity and one in Brazil to run the local NGO which works with the girls. We’re thankful to have experienced and wise counsel from members of these two boards.

1077204_10151738027559593_696546772_oReVive Brazil NGO Coordinator Elise Canuto (with her husband, Felipe!)

Elise is Brazilian and is from the city of Olinda PE. She coordinates the work of ReVive in Brazil especially the ReVive safe house. Along with Andy and Rose she manages the rest of the ReVive team (around 14 of them!) and coordinates their work with the girls and their families.

Along with ReVive’s Psychologist and Social Worker she works closely with the local social services and Judge and is regularly attending hearings and legal meetings about the girls and their situations.

She is also a fluent English speaker after spending a few years working in the USA.


The Rest of the ReVive Family

As you can perhaps imagine, staffing a house 24/7 requires quite a large team including Educators, a Psychologist, Social Worker, Cook, Caretaker and Night Watchmen! All of our staff are from the local area and are legally employed by the Brazilian NGO. We also have a few local volunteers who come to the house a few times a week to run activities with the girls or who form our street team. We also receive frequent foreign volunteers (mainly from the UK) who come to spend a few months helping out along with short term teams.


The Lewrys

Hello! My name is Tony. Eight months ago my wife and I moved to Olinda along with our 3 young daughters and started working with ReVive. We have spent the past 9 years working in children’s shelters here in Brazil and in Colombia, although we have always been passionate about seeing kids in families rather than institutions.

Our focus in ReVive is foster care and adoption. We believe that wherever possible a child should be raised by a family. Currently there is no local legislation for foster care and there is little knowledge of it in the north east of Brazil. Adoption is largely considered to be exclusively for people who can’t have children biologically and consequently there is large demand for younger, healthy kids and very few people that are willing to care for older kids or children with complex needs and health issues.

There are currently 45 thousand Brazilian parents waiting for several years, for a “nice”, young, healthy child. There are 5 thousand children available for adoption that do not fit this profile and who will be waiting years hoping for a family that often never materialises.

We believe that when the bible says “God sets the lonely in families” it’s not talking figuratively! His plan is for the lonely, including the vulnerable children of Brazil, to have family.

Although we acknowledge the magnitude of legal and cultural challenges set before us we believe in the Almighty God who will go before us as we “Defend the rights of the poor and needy”.

Thank you so much for supporting the work of Revive and do please pray that God guides and equips us as we fight for the rights of these precious children to grow up in a loving family.


The Bayfords

Hey, we’re Rosie and Stu Bayford! In 2015 we visited Recife, Brazil to visit some local projects where we saw the poverty that so many families face and the desperate situations that children end up in on the streets. As Christians, we both believe that we are called to be like Jesus so when we saw the need, we knew that we were being called to give our time and skills to help. Over the years we feel God has put on our heart a focus on prevention – how we can best work with families whose children are at risk of abuse or living on the streets.

We are both from Leeds and met at high school though it wasn’t until after university that we realised that maybe there was something more! Rosie is a qualified children’s nurse, with a specialist interest in mental health, including some art therapy and counselling training. Stu is a qualified engineer turned web developer and loves how technology can be used within mission.
We arrived here in Olinda in January under CMS and have been helping out in a number of ways at the house while also doing the training course, finding a place to live, get accustomed to Brazilian life and learn the language! So many things to keep us busy at the moment but we are also really trying to focus on what working within prevention looks like. We have many ideas but at the moment we’re listening and learning from those we’ve met out here and are keen to work out what God’s plan is for us.
We both believe that every child should be brought up in a loving family with a roof over their head, and our vision would be for no more children’s homes to exist as every child has this! We will be trained in prevention and intervention while we are out in Brazil and alongside working in the homes, we hope to be a part of setting up a new community based prevention project.
We’ll be sharing what’s going on over the coming months and feel really blessed to be a part of the great work that ReVive do out here. Thank you for joining us on the ReVive adventure!
The Rodrigues

We are Evaldo and Rebecca Rodrigues who have recently returned to work in Olinda as CMS Enhanced Short Term Mission Volunteers. We have both previously volunteered for ReVive over a number of years- Evaldo has been involved with caring for the homeless through ‘ReVive on the Streets’ since 2013 and in recent years has been at the forefront of the group. As a qualified lawyer, he has also assisted ReVive with bureaucratic matters, as well as networking with other individuals and organisations to bring awareness to ReVive’s work. Rebecca came to ReVive as a Short-Term Mission Volunteer in 2015, having previously visited Brazil on various other occasions. She helped out with the general routine of the ReVive house, did activities with the girls, organised their UK sponsors and looked after both local and international volunteers.

Having just recently returned to Olinda after a time of rest and visiting churches in the UK, we are excited about the vision that we have for our future work and what the next chapter will be. Continuing to use his legal skills, Evaldo is now the official legal representation of the girls at ReVive and accompanies their cases, working with the children’s courts in order to come up with the best solution for the interest of the girls. He is also involved with a group that was formed by ReVive in order to create and implement a fostering system in Olinda and possibly beyond. One of Evaldo’s dreams would be to eventually create an organisation, which brings together lawyers who can represent those most marginalised in society who cannot afford to pay for their own legal fees. He would also like to organise regular surgeries in poorer communities so people can have access to education and information about their rights. Evaldo has also recently been appointed by the Brazilian Bar Association to be part of the Commission of the Defence of the Rights of Children and Adolescents. Through this he will hopefully bring the issues facing girls at ReVive and beyond to a wider and influential audience.

Rebecca will still be working part time with the ReVive girls, creating scrapbooks full of photos and memories that the girls can take with them as they move on from ReVive. She is also interested in issues around climates change and environmental issues and will be exploring over the coming weeks and months how to bring more awareness to these subjects in the local communities through education and action. We are both so excited to see where God is leading us in this new chapter and we thank you for taking the time to read about what we do. All your prayers and support are appreciated.