According to the Brazilian government, out of the 59.5 million children and teenagers in Brazil, almost half of them (45.9%) live in extremely poor conditions where they find themselves vulnerable to great risk.

Boys tend to join the drug gangs where their lives become in danger either due to the drugs or rival gangs. The girls tend to find themselves in even more vulnerable situations as many are forced into selling their bodies for money.

A government study amongst some of the girls forced into prostitution found that the average age of their first sexual encounter was just 10 years old.

In these cases the young person is brought into care, most probably in a care home, where the likely hood of further abuse continues.

ReVive works in a number of areas to help change this scenario; prevent young people being brought into care, provide high quality care for those currently in children’s homes and strive to find a forever family for every young person who needs one.

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