ReVive Represented at Government Enquiry

On Thursday September 27th a government panel (Comissão Parlamentar de Inquérito ) was dispatched to Recife to investigate the child abuse and sexual exploitation situation in the city. Reps from the local and state government were present along with the chief of Police, local judges and reps from other NGOs including ReVive. The panel heard statements from various sources on the situation here in the NE of Brazil. The government panel were concerned that the huge investment currently taking place in the state leading to large construction work could result in an increase in the number of children and teenagers being abused and exploited. In other states where similar large investment was taking place, the number of rapes and reports of child abuse had risen by 500%!

The head of the government panel said that they were concerned by the situation here in the NE. She declared Recife the 3rd worst city in the country for Sex Tourism (after Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza) and that much more needs to be done to combat this terrible situation. She said that the government needs to do more to prosecute those involved and told of a case where a Judge cleared a man of raping an under-age girl because the girl was already in a situation of exploitation and therefore no longer deemed ‘innocent’. These twisted visions need to be changed. She also lashed out at the government run projects saying that we need to put an end to ‘poor public policies for the poor people’ and that we need to invest richly in them to inspire them for the future.

The state government gave evidence of sex trafficking gangs operating in Pernambuco and said that the number is rising. Gangs are realizing that once you sell a drug it’s gone and you have to go and get more, but you can sell the same young girl many times over.
The Chief of Police branded our city of Olinda a child prostitution ‘hot spot’ and told of many young girls being forced into prostitution. He also told of young children being elicited at the gates of local schools to participate in pornographic films.

ReVive will be opening it’s first centre in the city of Olinda to help as many girls as it can free themselves from this horrendous situation, restore their lives and renew their hope for the future. It’s obvious that there is a great need for this kind of work – there are currently no other NGOs working in the city with these girls – with God’s help, ReVive can play its part in facing this terrible situation which is destroying the lives of many young children. We hope that the local and state governments will do more to help and that other NGOs will also get involved in putting an end to child abuse and sexual exploitation here in the NE of Brazil. Get involved – together we can make a difference.

Back in Brazil

Now that Andy and Rose are back in Brazil, we can focus on setting up the Brazilian side of ReVive. We have begun the process of identifying potential directors for the Brazilian Board and set the ball rolling on our Brazilian ‘charity’ application. Meetings with the local government, Department of Justice and the city’s prosecutor are being set up and we’re planning on visiting some of the girls on the street. There’s still lots to do but we’re excited by the progress being made.

Charity application accepted

Thankfully, ReVive’s charity application has been accepted by the Charity Commission! There are just a few more documents to sign and then ReVive International will be a registered charity! We’ll let you know the number as soon as we do. It has been great to see people getting behind ReVive’s vision and we’ve been humbled by the support that has been given. Keep up the good work and spread the word!

Where it all began

If you saw Andy and Rose speak whilst they were in the UK, then you might have heard them tell a story about three sisters that they met. These sisters, aged 8, 10 and 12, had all been forced into prostitution by their own Mother. The 12 year old told them of how she had been kidnapped and had spent two weeks locked in the guy’s bedroom. She had escaped, only to return to a Mother who sold her each evening. At the time there were no projects or NGOs working with these girls – their Mother denied all wrong-doing to the authorities – there was nothing more that could be done. This has been one of the many motivations to set up ReVive, to be able to help young girls just like those sisters; so that no young girl trapped in prostitution or abuse needs to hear the words ‘Sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.’ Thanks to ReVive, and other similar organizations, now we can do something.