The House is ReVive’s!

Finally, after many months of legal documents to-ing and fro-ing, the house is ReVive’s! We have the keys! This is great news. We’re currently in the middle of cleaning and redecorating the house so we can (hopefully!) open the house to the girls in January 2014. Check out one of our older posts to see a video about the house. We’ve drawn up a ‘House Warming List’ of some of the main things we’ll need to buy over the next few weeks. If you can help out with one or more of these items then do get in touch!

2 Wooden Dining Room Tables and 4 Benches – £1,430
Fridge – £630
Freezer – £417
Oven – £270
Industrial hob – £200
20x Plastic Chairs – £155 (£7.70 each)
Garden Equipment (spade, rake, etc…) – £50
High Pressure Washer – £85
2x Ceiling Fans – £97 (£46 each)
2x Office Desks – £150 (£75 each)
Filing Cabinet – £150
Lockers – £118
Computer Table – £70
Laptop – £165
17x pillows – £97 (£5.70)
34x Bed sets (sheets, pillow case) – £511 (£15 each)
17x mattresses – £730 (£42 each)
16x bath towels – £70 (£4 each)
Kitchen Pans – £230
Microwave – £86
Desktop Computer – £350
Printer – £200

(8 wooden bunkbeds – £3,000 – already donated!)

Street Work

Every Friday night a team from ReVive heads to the streets of Olinda armed with sandwiches, coffee and clothes to hand out to the homeless living on the streets. It’s great to get to know them, chat with them and pray with them. We also talk to the many prostitutes and transvestites who are on the streets befriending them and telling them that their true worth is much more than that some men are paying for them. It’s a powerful time. Check out this video to see what happens on Friday nights!